چهارشنبه 12 آبان‌ماه سال 1389

In The Name Of Allah
Personal Resume
Personal Data:
 Name & Surname: Mehdi Basirzadeh
 Date of born:  11.May.1957 Abadan
• B.S of Industrial engineering from Isfahan Industrial University in 1988
• M.S of Industrial Management from Tehran Amirikabir Industrial University in 1993, first rank with the average grade 17.25 from 20
Other Professional Training Courses Passed:
• Development & Investment Seminar
• Calibration Training Course
• Production Strategy
• MIS Seminar
• Attending at First Industrial Engineering National Conference.
• Organization Crisis.
• QFD Seminar
• Public Relations Skills
• Professional Advertising Techniques.
• Elementary and Professional Excel, Word, PowerPoint
• Time Management
• Benchmarking  
• Decision Making
• ISO 9000 Standards. Edition (Version) 2000
• First International Management Conference

Work History:
• As Technical manager at the Rural and Agricultural organization (Jihad Sazandagi at Khuzestan Province) (1981 – 1986)
• As Industrial manager at the Rural and Agricultural organization (Jihad Sazandagi at Khuzestan Province) (1986 -1994)
• As Managing supervisor for jihad Nasr (heavy vehicles Section) (1995- 1996)
• Manager of Training & Researching of Iran Dairy Industrial Company – from 1996 to 2001
• Manager of Iran Dairy Industry Journal from 2002 to 2006
• Member of I.D.I.C Company Total Productivity Committee, Creativity and suggestion system Committee, Marketing and Advertising Committee, Packaging Design Committee, Company Strategic Management Committee)
• Cooperate with Rahabaran Petrochemical Co. for engineers and managers Inventive problem solving Training and teach in other privet Training companies.
• Consulting on (5S, Kaizen, TRIZ, Quality Management…)
Other Personal Job Capabilities:
• Manpower Supply for Projects
• Project Management
• Inventive Problem Solving Consulting
• Quality Control Managing
• Publishing Management Subjects Web logs
History of teaching & Training Activities in Universal & Training Centers:
• Member of the Impermanent Scientific Board in Islamic Open University in Dezfool.- 1995
• Teaching Management courses at Misjid Solayman University (South west of Iran) - 1995
• Teaching at Water & Electricity Technical Department in Khozestan (South west of Iran) - 1995
• Teaching at Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz – Management University - 1994
• Teaching at Governmental Managing Training Centre in Ahvaz - 1994
• Teaching management subjects  at Steel Industry Company in Ahvaz - 1997
• Manager of Teaching & Researching of Iran Dairy Industry – from 1996 to 2001
• Manager of Performing Milk Industry Journal & Public and International Relations Assistant from 2002 to 2006
Published Essays:
• Instruments Economic life cycle – Ravesh Magazine 1996 (In Farsi Language)
• Customer satisfaction in Dairy Industry – Dairy Industry Journal Dated in 1997 (In Farsi Language)
• Acquainting with Indian Research Institute – Milk Industry 1st Journal Dated in 2001 publishing an article about Inventive principals in Dairy Industry – Iran Dairy Industry journal 2003 (In Farsi Language)
• Publish a DVD about Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and its application in Technical and Non Technical Problems 2010 (In Farsi Language)
• presenting an article about “Marginal creativity in India” in 3rd Iran creativity and TRIZ conference 2010 (In Farsi Language)
Training and consulting efforts:
• Consultant in Khuzestan Development Plan – Subordinate of agriculture & production
• Introducing a suggestion system plan for Iran Dairy Industrial Company
• Planning the productivity of strategies in Developing Iran Dairy Industrial Co.
• Participating in Doing 5S Project at Central Pars Khodroo Service Stations
• Supervisory at Participating in Doing some study and research Projects about management style at top 50 global Petrochemical Companies.
• Translating and Writing some Articles about applications of TRIZ for Technical and non Technical projects.
Professional Abilities:
• Good at Office Software  (Power Point , Word & Excel)
• Good at Internet & Professional Survey & creating Web Logs
• Translation of Technical Books in Farsi
• Teaching Innovation & Systematic Problem Solving – TRIZ in different companies in Iran for more than 5 years.
Scientific & Pilgrimage Travels:
• England – 1980
• France- 1978
• Syria– 1999
• Iraq –2001
• Dubai -2008 and 2009
My expertise Weblogs and Site in Farsi:
• www.irantriz.persianblog.ir    
•  www.irantriz.ir
My Email: irantriz@gmail.com
My mobile: 09125457825 Tehran, Iran (00989125457825)