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آموزش مجازی (ویدئویی) TRIZ

اکنون محصولی دیگر از خانه ایران تریز irantriz.ir برای آموزش مجازی TRIZ بصورت ویدئویی آماده ارائه است.

این اولین گام اساسی در زمینه آموزش گام به گام TRIZ و تکنیک های خلاقیت است که بصورت ویدئویی بدون سخنرانی در قالب 74 کلیپ آموزشی کاملاً تصویری، انیمیشنی و فیلمی به زبان فارسی ارائه می گردد. (کل زمان نمایش 7 ساعت و 32 دقیقه و حجم کل دانلود 505 مگابایت است.)

ویژگی های مهم

دسترسی آسان از طریق دانلود و قابلیت مشاهده فیلم ها بر روی کامپیوتر، لپ تاپ، تبلت، و موبایل و فشرده بودن حجم آنها در قالب MP4 از ویژگی های منحصر بفرد این درس افزار آموزشی است.

نمونه کار

برای دانلود و مشاهده نمونه فایلهای آموزشی بر روی عناوین زیر کلیک فرمایید:

1-     تریز چیست؟

2-     اصل 10 تریز  

3-     خطای ذهن  

برای ارائه درخواست خود اینجا کلیک بفرمایید.


چهارشنبه 12 آبان‌ماه سال 1389

In The Name Of Allah
Personal Resume
Personal Data:
 Name & Surname: Mehdi Basirzadeh
 Date of born:  11.May.1957 Abadan
• B.S of Industrial engineering from Isfahan Industrial University in 1988
• M.S of Industrial Management from Tehran Amirikabir Industrial University in 1993, first rank with the average grade 17.25 from 20
Other Professional Training Courses Passed:
• Development & Investment Seminar
• Calibration Training Course
• Production Strategy
• MIS Seminar
• Attending at First Industrial Engineering National Conference.
• Organization Crisis.
• QFD Seminar
• Public Relations Skills
• Professional Advertising Techniques.
• Elementary and Professional Excel, Word, PowerPoint
• Time Management
• Benchmarking  
• Decision Making
• ISO 9000 Standards. Edition (Version) 2000
• First International Management Conference

Work History:
• As Technical manager at the Rural and Agricultural organization (Jihad Sazandagi at Khuzestan Province) (1981 – 1986)
• As Industrial manager at the Rural and Agricultural organization (Jihad Sazandagi at Khuzestan Province) (1986 -1994)
• As Managing supervisor for jihad Nasr (heavy vehicles Section) (1995- 1996)
• Manager of Training & Researching of Iran Dairy Industrial Company – from 1996 to 2001
• Manager of Iran Dairy Industry Journal from 2002 to 2006
• Member of I.D.I.C Company Total Productivity Committee, Creativity and suggestion system Committee, Marketing and Advertising Committee, Packaging Design Committee, Company Strategic Management Committee)
• Cooperate with Rahabaran Petrochemical Co. for engineers and managers Inventive problem solving Training and teach in other privet Training companies.
• Consulting on (5S, Kaizen, TRIZ, Quality Management…)
Other Personal Job Capabilities:
• Manpower Supply for Projects
• Project Management
• Inventive Problem Solving Consulting
• Quality Control Managing
• Publishing Management Subjects Web logs
History of teaching & Training Activities in Universal & Training Centers:
• Member of the Impermanent Scientific Board in Islamic Open University in Dezfool.- 1995
• Teaching Management courses at Misjid Solayman University (South west of Iran) - 1995
• Teaching at Water & Electricity Technical Department in Khozestan (South west of Iran) - 1995
• Teaching at Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz – Management University - 1994
• Teaching at Governmental Managing Training Centre in Ahvaz - 1994
• Teaching management subjects  at Steel Industry Company in Ahvaz - 1997
• Manager of Teaching & Researching of Iran Dairy Industry – from 1996 to 2001
• Manager of Performing Milk Industry Journal & Public and International Relations Assistant from 2002 to 2006
Published Essays:
• Instruments Economic life cycle – Ravesh Magazine 1996 (In Farsi Language)
• Customer satisfaction in Dairy Industry – Dairy Industry Journal Dated in 1997 (In Farsi Language)
• Acquainting with Indian Research Institute – Milk Industry 1st Journal Dated in 2001 publishing an article about Inventive principals in Dairy Industry – Iran Dairy Industry journal 2003 (In Farsi Language)
• Publish a DVD about Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and its application in Technical and Non Technical Problems 2010 (In Farsi Language)
• presenting an article about “Marginal creativity in India” in 3rd Iran creativity and TRIZ conference 2010 (In Farsi Language)
Training and consulting efforts:
• Consultant in Khuzestan Development Plan – Subordinate of agriculture & production
• Introducing a suggestion system plan for Iran Dairy Industrial Company
• Planning the productivity of strategies in Developing Iran Dairy Industrial Co.
• Participating in Doing 5S Project at Central Pars Khodroo Service Stations
• Supervisory at Participating in Doing some study and research Projects about management style at top 50 global Petrochemical Companies.
• Translating and Writing some Articles about applications of TRIZ for Technical and non Technical projects.
Professional Abilities:
• Good at Office Software  (Power Point , Word & Excel)
• Good at Internet & Professional Survey & creating Web Logs
• Translation of Technical Books in Farsi
• Teaching Innovation & Systematic Problem Solving – TRIZ in different companies in Iran for more than 5 years.
Scientific & Pilgrimage Travels:
• England – 1980
• France- 1978
• Syria– 1999
• Iraq –2001
• Dubai -2008 and 2009
My expertise Weblogs and Site in Farsi:
• www.irantriz.persianblog.ir    
•  www.irantriz.ir
My Email: irantriz@gmail.com
My mobile: 09125457825 Tehran, Iran (00989125457825)   

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